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Command and Conquer 3 Skirmish Movies

January 24th, 2008 in Games, Videos

Command and Conquer 3 MoviesCommand and Conquer 3Tiberium Wars (CNC3): 20 ion cannons, 20 nukes, 10 rift generators, each fired together right into the masses of enemy units, on a lean, self created map (by CNC3 WorldBuilder) with about nearly 2000 units on (until firing the multiple superweapon climax of course). It’s a skirmish battle against a CPU opponent (GDI vs. Scrin) on level hard, brutal, steamroller with unlimited credits.
The video consists of many scenes from different sessions. There would have been enough material to make 5 youtube-videos of it, but with a little effort, I managed to keep it below the notorious youtube-10 minute barrier. This video is not ment to show gaming skills, it’s just an artistic example of the maximum possible CNC3-warfare. The increased credits are necessary to reach the needed autonomy to resist the overwhelming alien force. It’s not some kind of Cheat, because the enemy gets the same amount twice (but seems to be too stupid to use it). The GDI base may be quit huge, but therefore the aliens have hundreds of units.

how to achieve the credit-increase?:
go to Documents and Settings – User – Application Data – Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars – Profiles – ProfileName. Make a backup of “skirmish.ini”, open “skirmish.ini”, change “10000” (typically) to the desired amount of credits (like f.e. 9999999).

CNC3 extreme


Skirmish against aliens on difficulty brutal and steamroller (part 1, part 2):



XBOX PC Kane Edition Mac OS X

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