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Gears of War Wallpapers

April 2nd, 2008 in Games

Here are some wallpapers from Gears of War. Most pictures show the amazing neo classical or neo-antique architecture of the cities, which are in ruins. As the story continues, there are also pictures from the subterranean caves with glowing lava seas and the locust tunnels. The Unreal Engine 3 creates a very high quality environment with a dark ambience. A must-see are the evening skies in the last level before the detonation of the lightmass bomb. I’ve also added some close combat pictures of the enemies (Drones, Boomers, Theron Guards, Berserkers, General Raam). Most screenshots are in third person “over-the-shoulder” perspective.

If you’re struggling with the bug, that deletes all savegames /checkpoints, take a look at my solution.

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