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Universe at War Wallpapers

March 1st, 2008 in Games

Universe at War WallpapersThese wallpapers and screenshots are taken from Universe at WarEarth Assault. Most pictures are made using the integrated cinematic camera. The resulting 16:9 wide screen images have a with of 1280 pixels and slightly cropped panoramic height, screenshots are in 1280×1024. Because other units and graphics

are quite average, most artwork centers around the characteristic game units of the hierarchy: The three kinds of walkers (assembly walkers, habitat walkers and science walkers) in battle against the Novus and the Masari. The design of the hierarchy units was clearly inspired by the latest movie-adaption of War of the Worlds.
Petroglyph used the Alamo 3D-game-engine, which was already used for Star Wars – Empire at War.

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