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Assassin’s Creed wallpapers

May 10th, 2008 in Games

Assassins CreedAfter Assassin’s Creed is finally released for PC, here are some high-res wallpapers made from screenshots inside the game. In his medieval adventures in the Holy Land at the times of the Third Crusade Altair visits the large cities Damascus, Acre, Jerusalem and Masyaf, which are fully accessible. I’ve added a lot of panoramic views from high above these cities as well as pictures from finishing moves from fights against the guards. Unfortunately a few pictures have one little flaw, which couldn’t be replaced without starting the game from the beginning, due to a old graphics driver version. Due to the bad conversion of the xbox-version to the PC, a xbox-controller is recommended. All images are widescreen with a resolution of 1280×720. Please also note the first images, which are custom made with a lot of work invested.
Updated with new pictures!

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