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Crysis Wallpapers

October 3rd, 2008 in Games

Crysis wallpapersJust in time for the release of Crysis – Warhead, here’s a massive collection of high-res wallpapers for the original Crysis. Altogether there are over 150 pictures, more than for every other game before. The game was tweaked to enable “very high”-settings for graphic quality in Windows XP, so it looks exactly like the Windows Vista DirectX 10 version. There are a lot of impressive sights of the pacific island beaches and palms under the tropic sun. Besides countless panoramas of the wonderful landscapes there are also unique aerial, satellite-like, views of the maps. As the story evolves and the north korean enemies retreat, the alien invaders take control of the island. The scenery gets coated with snow and ice and extraterrestrial fighting machines are looming. My wallpapers include the whole storyline, including air strikes, aerial bombardments, attacking helicopters, alien structures and gigantic spider robots, the final fights on the US Air carrier and some nuclear bombs, which cause extraordinary impressive light effects. This all rendered with the most advanced 3D graphic-engine CryEngine2 in a never before seen brilliant photo realistic environment. New wallpapers for Crysis Warhead may follow later.

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