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GTA IV Troubleshooting – Guide to fix most Problems

May 30th, 2009 in Games

Grand Theft Auto IV PC issues: It’s still one of the buggiest game in ten years and the biggest disappointment of 2008, but with this fixes, the game should run without blue screens and crashing to the desktop every 5 minutes.

Install these fixes:

Update your graphic card drivers:
First deinstall your old driver with DriverSweeper. Otherwise it could happen, that textures are missing or are black or everything is covered yellow.
Nvidia: use the older ForceWare version 175.70. In my experience, it’s the best driver, which makes the fewest problems. Downgrading from newer drivers has solved most crashes. Newer Beta-Drivers are available here. Current drivers are here. If you’re using on of these drivers, disable Physx support in the Nvidia control panel.
ATI: most problems are related to ATI-cards. Try their latest drivers.

Inside the game:

  • create Games for Windows offline account to enable saving
  • disable clip recording in games menu (video editor)

Exit the game and

Meanwhile update is available here. Usually it will not fix the major problems of GTA IV, but it’s worth a try. But don’t use it, if you don’t need it, because it may cause new problems.

Changes for update
After installing the update, the old XLive Wrapper does no longer work. There’s a replacement: XLiveLess 0.95. Copy xlive.dll in your game folder and overwrite the old one.
Savegames are now relocated from \Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\<username> to \Documents and Settings\<User>\My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\<username>. Copy your old savegames to this folder.

While playing, shot down unnecessary programs in the task manager, especially antivirus agents. Don’t use too much parameters in the commandline.txt file. It can cause the game not to start. Also some mods, like the no-intro-patch, are known to cause crashes while playing.

Final fix: If ALL these fixes AND Update did not help you yet and you’re really willing to play GTA 4 and if it’s worth it for you, the best you can do, is installing a absolutely clean version of Windows to another partition and making a dual-boot system. (You can make a slim XP install CD with Nlite.) After the installation, only install drivers for your sound card and the fixes above. Avoid everything else, which is not needed, including CPU drivers and chipset drivers, at least for the beginning!
Installing a GTA-only-Windows was the best I could do. This way the game runs absolutely stable and has not crashed anymore.

Feel free to post your experiences and solutions in the comments.

official support site
GTA IV readme
GTA IV error codes

a new patch is now available to fix many problems.

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86 responses about “GTA IV Troubleshooting – Guide to fix most Problems”

  1. killer45acp said:

    None of those will fix the RESC10 error I’m getting. This guide is a joke!

  2. blah said:

    Jeez, if it doesn’t work then move on. You don’t have to be an ass.

  3. mikra said:

    According to Rockstar this RESC10-error can be fixed by reinstalling newest DirectX, using newest (beta-)drivers and, if still not solved, reinstalling the game.
    Using DriverSweeper in safe mode for a clean uninstall of previous drivers is also recommended.
    Someone on the net said using this options in his commandline.txt-file helped him:
    “-availablevidmem 1.5 -nomemrestrict -norestrictions”

    If this doesn’t help, I really recommend a clean, fresh windows on a second partition, as described above. This error should then be gone forever!

  4. killer45acp said:

    mikra, where did you get your information? Do you really think that “-availablemem 1.5 -nomemrestrict -norestrictions” will work? Why use -availablemem 1.5 then use -nomemrestrict? Looks like they will cancel each other out.

    This is what rockstar says to try to fix RESC10 errors, but it does not work;
    Please try one of the following command lines:

    -memrestrict 629145600
    (for high textures)

    -memrestrict 314572800
    (for medium)

    -memrestrict 209715200
    (for low)

  5. mikra said:

    You may be right. I’ve just read it in a forum.
    I’d try to reinstall DirectX, clean deinstalling graphic card drivers and installing newest driver, maybe also reinstalling the game.

    But I really, really recommend a clean, second windows. I had the same issues, the guide above helped me to be able to run the game quit good, but this RESC10 error still appeared sometimes. Since the new windows AND using the guide above, I have never seen it again!

    It certainly is bug of a bad made game. Solving it may not lie in the hands of the consumers. Rockstar has to release a patch soon. Meanwhile my recommendations may help.

  6. joji said:

    Hey Iam getting this error when I try to install the game

    “Your system is not compatible with %P”

  7. rachael said:

    hi all i keep getting is RESC10 error do u no how to fix this?

  8. Mike said:

    Any ideas to fixing the R6034 issue when launching social club? Ive tried everything you can imagine.

    Uninstalling/Installing GTA IV
    Uninstalling/Installing Social Club
    .net framework 3 @ 3.5 with service packs…

    ?? any suggestions ??

  9. mikra said:

    It’s a C++ error. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 (see link above).

  10. Hello said:

    WHere is the commandline.txt file located?!

  11. John said:

    I reinstalled the C++ redistributable and still get the R6034 error, any ideas
    running vista vista ultimate

  12. raman said:

    i am getting textp70 error any idea how to fix this

  13. mikra said:

    TEXP70 is a new error code frome the patch.
    Try to deinstall your graphic drivers and install newest driver. If it doesn’t work try to deinstall in windows safe mode, use Driversweeper (see above) and reinstall.

  14. Lisa Kelly said:

    Im so annoyed , I bought this game on Monday but I cannot get it running , When I launch the game everythings ok just before the game window opens a messege appears ` FATAL ERROR WTV190 ` I mean Iv tried everything to resolve this but will not work , Rockstar have emailed me telling me to update my PC which I have done but will not work, Iv even reinstalled the game about 6 or 7 times, Im very upset , Id be very grateful if anyone could help! Iv even reinstalled x live a few times , rebooted my pc etc , but no luck pleaaaaaaze help!

  15. mikra said:

    Seems to be related to xlive. I really would try to use XLive Wrapper as described above!!!
    At the moment only compatible with versions 1.0 and

  16. Craig said:

    Hi there I can play thr game but it always crashes about half an hour into playing, its is almost like it runs out of memory. I usually occurs when I am driving around. The graphics will stop responding once or twice within a few seconds then freeze completely untill I reboot the PC. The music and soundtrack continue to play though. It is possible to mess around with ctrl alt del and alt 4 to get back to windows but this takes about 5 minutes of screwing around to get there, quicker to reboot. As such I have never had a error message. Any Ideas on how to fix this?

  17. mikra said:

    I presuppose that you have followed the guide completly. Try to reduce detail levels/distances a little bit. If the errors still occur, the best solution is to install a separate, lean windows only for GTA (and follow the guide). That way, I managed to eleminate even the last problems and crashes.

  18. Bliblah said:

    Wow, reinstall a whole OS just to get this stupid broken game to work. What a shame.

  19. Good Wrench said:

    I can’t believe Rockstar could ever release something that just doesen’t work. They should be ashamed of themselves. First I get the RESC10 then I get the TEXP70. Then I get a patch. Now i’m getting this other patch. And some other patch. Now i’m getting a headache.
    C++ is fine. The game installation force feeds you Direct X down your throat. The whole computer has been updated. But if I hafta create a whole partition just for the game they can kiss my f@nny. And I ai’nt even seen past the black screen. If something doesen’t happen soon i’ll go back to San Andreas and i’ll never buy another GTA game again.

    Except for the one they’re releasing for the Nintendo DS. It hasta work, there’s no way of updating those little critters.

    Is there?

  20. Quartermile said:

    In my experience with GTA 4 it needs a fresh install of Windows with all the latest driver installs mentioned.Once you have done this try installing the game on its own hardrive.This had the biggest effect for me and solved stuttering problems.It now runs trouble free and believe me I had my fair share of trouble with this title.If you need help on how to properly install windows visit for help.

  21. manish said:

    if ur computer shows that it is not comaptible with %p
    then go to setup click right mouse nd then go to properties nd then there is a option of compatablity go there nd click on a check box…
    run as nd select windows xp option..
    its workk…
    now any can help me to…
    when i play game…ma screen is not stable in game…
    is it a part of game or what??/
    i cant play game like this…
    screens is unstable nd ove right to left up to down how can i come over trhough dis

  22. iman said:

    ok i have problems with the game loading it taks FOREVER TO LOAD IT PLAEASE HELP ME THANKS

  23. iman said:


  24. abid said:

    I have Core 2 duo 2.8 GHZ processor,2GB ram,512 MB nvidia pci xpress 9600GT,latest directx and windows xp service pack 3. but still having slow performance though every display configuration is set to lower. what to do now?plz help

  25. iman said:


  26. m1 said:

    Have you also already tried update and XLiveLess (as described above)?

  27. Bigbish62 said:

    Hey all..

    Just bought retail and installed. Install went OK – no errors. But – Won’t even launch. AppHangB1. Generic Vista hang. Tried all the fixes here… no go. WAPOC!

    In hindsight wish I’d seen all the forums 1st. Would not have bought it.

    Can any one point me to so other good info?

    My Vitals…
    Core Duo T8300 @ 2.4ghz
    4GB Ram
    Vista Home Premium SP1

    Benchmarked pretty well at yougamers.

    The program GTAIV.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Problem Reports and Solutions control panel. Process ID: 678 Start Time: 01c9eb63405264af Termination Time: 152

  28. mikra said:

    AppHangB1 seems like a Windows error code. Look out for a error code of GTA itself:

  29. YOUSUF SHEIKH said:

    heyy please help me out, please tell me the correct version of windows to run GTA IV .. please also tell me the correct service pack and full updates in details..

    Thank You ..
    please reply soon

  30. David Brubeck said:

    I found a solution for running GTA IV with my HD 4850. The latest ATI drivers 9.6 cause the game to crash after “start” while loading. Rolling back to the ATI 9.3 drivers allows the game to start. We’ll see how long the games runs after it starts…

  31. CLint said:

    I have tried everyhing I could think of it wont install any of the patches it starts then says cant write ect…. need help

  32. Naveed said:

    I have problem that my game run very slowly.
    in patches. I gave 256mb VGA 2.8ghz processor. 1GB ram. But still it run very very slowly. Very Bad game GTA.

  33. Sunny said:

    Currently I have installed GTA IV game in my laptop but during the game-play the game camera(screen) is automatically rotating up & down & even sidewards vigorously and I am not able to play.I have all the sufficient requirements installed to run the game. Sometimes game crashes & strucks even after I changed MSconfig’s max memory to 1500 as recommended by rockstar game’s social club.Any idea how 2 fix it.
    please help!!!!!

  34. mikra said:

    I haven’t heard of this before, but I would try to reconnect the controller or use a mouse, if you haven’t used it yet.

  35. lemuel said:

    hi i hv a really irritating problem. whenever i play gta 4, it lags, and is really really slow. then after i try to solve it by decreasing the view distance, it works a while, then it stops, and a screen says gta 4 has stopped working. what should i DO???

  36. Help me please said:




  37. mikra said:

    usually go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > select GTA IV and it should uninstall
    revoking the license is only used for de-activating your game. It may ask for it, when you uninstall the game. If you will reinstall it on the same PC, you should not revoke it. Even after revoking, a new activation should be possible. Here are some guides from the DRM-manufacturer:

    to completely uninstall Securom use this tool:

  38. Darkness said:

    i got a fatel error called WS10 .. is there any way to fix it?

  39. admission essay said:

    i have the same problem.. and nothing helps

  40. Inc0gnit0 said:

    Sunny said:
    October 12th, 2009 at 1:56 pm
    the game-play the game camera(screen) is automatically rotating up & down & even sidewards vigorously

    dont use a pirated version then, this is also known as a copy-security.. if u did the efford of actually getting off ur lazy ass, and get it urself from the shop, u wouldnt have this problem.. but i guess a game is too expensive for you?

  41. Alex said:

    when i play gta 4, i got it new and now, it says before the introduction: GTA 4 fatal error: unable to create depth render target- please re-install DirectX and/or install the lastest video card driver. I have a laptop with Windows 7, HELP!!

  42. mikra said:

    apply latest patch:

    download and install latest video card drivers

    try the DirectX version from the GTA IV install directory:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\grand theft auto iv\Installers\DirectX_jun2008
    or on DVD

  43. Viky said:

    i have a problem …. when i run the game, it didn’t show any display… it displays only black, and the sound continues.
    can anyone guide me plz.

  44. sayantan deb said:

    i have a problem my config is
    win xp sp3
    core 2 duo 2.66
    1gb nvdia 9400gt video card
    and 2 gb ram
    problem is every it shows
    “a required security module cannot be activated
    the program will not be executed(6000)” plz help any1

  45. mikra said:

    seems to be the copy protection. try to launch the game with administrator rights and tell us, if it worked.

  46. savkem7 said:

    i have geforce 9500 gt,1gb of ram,amd athlon x64 dual core 3800+ and when i set graphics on high,i get 15 fps and when i set it on low i get 15 fps too.HOW IS THAT POSIBLE?????

  47. Clayton said:

    I am getting error DD3D50 all instals went fine and try to play and get this message. Please help!!

  48. mikra said:

    You need DirectX 9 (or above) installed and a DirectX9-graphic card.

    see error codes

  49. Nihant kansara said:

    i’ve windows 7 ultimate 32-bit i can play gta 4 but after 15-20 mins it’s crashes and i got RESC10 error help me

  50. mikra said:

    install latest Patch
    reinstall newest DirectX
    clean deinstall old graphic card driver (see above)
    install latest graphic card driver

    ONLY! if that doesn’t work, try those command line switches
    “C:\Program\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe” -nomemrestrict -norestrictions

    if still not working, try to add:
    -availablevidmem 0.9
    instead of the options above

  51. Darkos said:

    hi guys, i bought recently my laptop of 2.53 GHz and 4 Gb ram ,ATI mobility radeon HD 4650 1 Gb, just to play GTA IV and here is the problem , whenever i am playing the game i get a black screen with a sound then i have to force my laptop to restart, sometimes the black screen appear after 1 hour of playing and sometimes after 10 minutes, please is there any advice? thanks

  52. ajay said:

    Can anyone please tell me the procedure to setup windows offline account that is to ceate an offline account.

  53. RF said:


  54. grandios said:

    my gta 4 has blocked by windows parental control/ family safety
    so, how to solve it??

    please ..

  55. Marvin said:

    I have the same problem as number 44:
    It’s with GTA EFLC. Install runs fine, but trying to launch brings up the following message in Release Control: “A required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed (6000)” Does anyone know what that means and how to fix it? Your help is much appreciated as Rockstar Support hasn’t answered my email within the last 3 days.
    System: Win XP Pro SP3, Q9300, 4 GB RAM, Geforce 8800 GT


  56. peru said:

    ja mam problem z GTA IV :/ a mianowicie nie moge jechać autem do tyłu.. :/ nie wiem dlaczego naciskam klawisz S i nic sie nie dzieje.. 😕

  57. Let-me-b-x said:

    hey guys i have a problem with my gta iv!! i downloaded an xlie.dll from xliveless but this dll file doesnt show the menu and its items nor i can select anything on menu item from mouse i must guess and select those items with arrow keys!! help!!

  58. Let-me-b-x said:

    sorry its xlive.dll!!(above)

  59. пып said:

    у меня выбивает ошыбку(порядковый номер 5367 не найден в библиотеке DLL xlive.dll.) когда я включаю ГТА4 на 5ом патче как ее исправить

  60. not your beezwax said:

    hi i have gta iv my favorite game and after a few weeks today it just stop starting i got a soyo monitor atn or atm video card op is windows 7 pro.

  61. muhaimin said:

    guyz,does anyone has this problem,I installed GTA IV on my window 7,it run well through the intro…but after the intro it should show the main menu where there’s start,option..etc. right ? but it didn’t. the screen just black and nothing happen… and the weird thing is,if my internet connection are on,it can run normally. but if I play without internet connection,it gave me black screen after the rockstar intro…
    before I have window 7,I’ve used Vista. it works fine.
    please do e-mail me if there’s answer

  62. fix laptop said:

    fix laptop…

    Thanks for GTA IV Troubleshooting – Guide to fix most Problems…

  63. sam4u said:

    hey……i just played gta4 and it was working properly…..
    but when i shutted down my pc and started it later the game was not starting……..someone please help me…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. dean said:

    when gta 4.exe is launched a message comes named according to security module (6000)cannot be executed

  65. Furious said:

    Once for all: GTA IV is a shame. This is the reason why people don’t buy PC videaogames: why would you pay for a game which does not work?

  66. Gosef said:

    i have a problem: i have a real gta iv and when a put the disc to play this is what happen-“gta iv fatal error-wtv190”. how to fix this problem???
    (i need help fastly as you can)

  67. sandy said:

    i gt a original gta 4 disc laptop jst cnt read d disc

    ps ma laptop is new 😉

  68. Satya said:

    Hai friends
    when installing the game after 10 min it show me that
    Unable to rip one or more several files
    Error unknown
    code 2
    Pleaseeeeee anybody solve my problem
    My mail:-

  69. Mike said:

    Dont forget to install:
    Windows Live
    C++ Redistributable , 2005 , 2008 , 2010
    .Net 2.0 , 3.0 , 3.5 Redistributable
    Latest DirectX , 9.0c or superior
    Games for Windows Live
    Run as admin
    Latest patch ,
    Chipset, video and audio drivers.
    Good Luck

  70. Duane said:

    Oke after lots of shit i got got myself into the main menu. then i started a new game: I can hear the game voices: ”daddy is comming for you bitches” and bam WTV190 error. FML FML FML Fuck steam fuck rockstar. its all SHIT

  71. what is fatal error dd3d said:

  72. HTown713 said:

    when i play my gta iv windows live pc the building graphics dosent show and when the cops get out of car they dont do anything but stand there and also the public dosent fight when there in fighting stance help me please cause i wasted $20 on this game and its all bugged

  73. HaJwAlH said:

    Thank you Very much , That Helped me !!!

    This website is Great
    and thanks for who type this Helping 🙂

  74. ExDIa said:

    I have another problem, the camera shakes and when i’m in a car , the car is moving whitout pressing “W”!!! PLEASE HELP!

  75. Santhosh said:

    for fatal error-RESC10, right click and choose graphics properties and then in 3D option make ANISOTROPIC FILTERING to OFF or application settings, then VERTEX PROCESSING to default or turn it off or application settings, then turn on VERTICAL SYNC.. this worked for me

  76. killer9832jhu said:

    hey i recently installed gta 4 and i am having problems with the texture rendering it ont sho the roads or the buildings and i can only see cars and lamp posts plz help me

  77. AshRayHey said:

    I’m having the same problems as the guy/girl above me. I JUST bought it today through GameStop’s digital downloads and it crashes after 5 minutes. I can’t see buildings and cars really. I see random people floating in the air. My laptop is a Dell Studio 1556 and I’ve had it for two years. I don’t know anything about computers… Please help?!

  78. sandeep said:

    I am currently having dual core 1gb graraphic card 2gb ram
    .i can play fast but when i quit and again if start it shows service module not detected ,the programme excuted.wt can i do

  79. gunarsbergs said:

    when i start the game at some thime it throws me out of the game i go in agin and black screen

  80. InitialHP said:

    Hai friends
    when installing the game after 10 min it show me that
    Unable to rip one or more several files
    Error unknown
    code 2
    Pleaseeeeee anybody solve my problem
    My mail:-

  81. SHUBHAM said:


  82. gta help said:

    my problem is same as SHUBHAM, when i run my game first screen of its license appears and then it stop working and also my game soes not open in full screen please help me plssss thnkss in advance..

  83. gtaivgamers said:

    @gtahelp probably the files are corrupt or incomplete….
    i’m waiting to buy the GTA IV Discs

  84. prince said:

    can u tell me step by step how to install a clean version of windows in another partiton and making a dual-boot system…i will be thankful…

  85. Mehdi Rastayesh said:

    For gta iv fatal error-wtv190:

    1\ uninstall both “Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable” AND “Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace”

    2\ reboot

    3\ download the GFWL installer from:

    4\ IMPORTANT: Right click the above installer, go to properties and change its compatibility to “Windows 7”. Save and exit.

    5\ IMPORTANT: Right click the installer, and choose “Run as administrator”

    6\ After it’s installed, run the GFWL game again. It should now work fine and redownload your profile.

    Steps 4 and 5 are really, REALLY, REALLY important.

  86. Mckiezer said:

    i hav been able to play the game to “easy as i can” but when i send de car to Bluce garage de game stopped working. it says gta iv has stopped working. pls someone help me

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