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Hitman 1 – Classic Gaming Experience Video

February 11th, 2008 in Games, Videos

This video was taken from the original first Hitman-game ‘Hitman – Codename 47’ from 2000. It shows a complete walkthrough of the level ‘traditions of the trade’. Although the complete level could be done, without killing third persons, it was chosen to play in a more convenient way, because at least a police uniform was needed to pass through the metal detectors without setting off the alarm. Those detectors could also be bypassed, but it would result in long ways round and would kill the joy of watching this video, but that should be the last to be killed. Additional persons were also exterminated to show f.e. the differences between the use of the fibre wire to the modern sequels. The fibre wire is also a good, additional example of how fast the original gameplay was. No suspicions because of a red stain on the carpet or just because you ran past a guard like in the totally messed up second part (Silent Assassin).

The background story of this mission is a G8 peace summit, held in the Gallard thermal bath hotel in Budapest, Hungary (which in real is the famous Hotel Gellért). International terrorist Frantz Fuchs wants to kill all politicians with a chemical bomb, which is already smuggled into the building. Your task is, to kill the terrorist, find the bomb and escape with it. Armed enemies are policemen and the terrorist guards.

This level is regarded as the by far most popular of the whole game. The metal detectors cause the player only to start with the fibre wire and the huge number of civilians make it necessary to act more stealthy than ever. But many corridors and rooms facilitate this as compensation. Weapon supply inside the hotel is very limited, so most work is done only by using the fibre wire. IO Interactive tried to recreate this popular level in the third Hitman-game (Hitman Contracts), but ended with only a lousy imitation of the original and a lot of disimprovements.

By making this video, I encountered a lot of technical issues. The game simply ran much too fast on modern computers to be playable. Game-restarts and the windows compatibility mode made it possible to slow it down almost like it was meant to be. But the spoken dialogues did not adapt, which caused the voices to get cut off sometimes. Furthermore the gamma-level could not be adjusted, which made the game extremely dark. This could only be repaired by post processing the finished video. Like business before pleasure, the first part of the video contains one possible solution of the level and the second part is just about shooting everything that moves, leaving no remains behind.

The video is available on youtube:

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