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Dancing Marines in the White House (Hitman Blood Money)

January 13th, 2008 in Games

HowTo activate the easteregg to make the marines dance in the White House in level Amendment XXV

the result can be seen in my video on youtube (see also below)

First, you have to get a marines uniform to get past the guards: Enter the Building and go into the toilet to the left (before the metal detector).

Be fast here: Close the door, drop a weapon or a mine, so that the guard can see it from outside.

Open the door and make the guard look in the direction of your placed item. As he walks in, close the door and get rid of him. Take his uniform and get outside.

Go behind the parking bus, where the tourist is smoking. Be there, before she has finished!

Now eleminate her also and take her suitcase (or steal it silently). Do not put anything inside the suitcase!

Go back inside the building, put the suitcase on the conveyor and walk through the metal detector.

Take the suitcase on the other side.

Go through the large door, into the guard office to the left.

Take the keycard from the desk.

Go through the gallery and use the keycard to enter the secured area.

Walk in the big entrance hall (with the piano) and go the wall left of the fireplace.

Now face the wall between the fireplace and the pillar.

Throw the suitcase about two times against the wall. (try more then once, if nothing happens)

When you were successful, all marines should run to the hall, line up and dance the Can-can (unfortunately without music).

Watch my video on youtube (with sound):

official Hitman homepage
Eidos Hitman Gamepage

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9 responses about “Dancing Marines in the White House (Hitman Blood Money)”

  1. Izolde said:

    Mehehe..thats fun!

  2. Ben said:

    it didnt work for me, does it work on the ps2 version?

  3. mikra said:

    Other people say, it also works with the ps2 version.
    Throwing the suitcase is done by pressing L3. Important is to throw it, not only to let it fall. It’s just a little bit tricky, try again and try to throw more than two times.

  4. Akira said:

    Are you sure it works in the ps2 version?

  5. mikra said:

    I have not tested it, but it should work. Don’t set off the alarm and don’t kill to much marines. Don’t interrupt the process of throwing the suitcase.

  6. ehi said:

    Very interesting site, i have added it to my fovourites. Greetings

  7. xbox360 games said:

    I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

  8. HitmanFan said:

    I tried all the walls and it doesn’t go through it, you just keep letting it bounce back until u start to hear foot taps, turn around nd have fun!

  9. Ethan said:

    Yes it does work on ps2 i have a ps2 and i just tried it and it works fine it just needs more bangs with the suitcase 🙂

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