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Modern Warfare 2 (HD) Fan Trailer Gameplay and Story (MW2, COD6)

December 7th, 2009 in Games, Videos

Here’s a little Trailer for Call of Duty 6Modern Warfare 2, which I have made from various scenes and most levels of the game. From Afghanistan to Kazakhstan, Moscow, Washington D.C., Rio de Janeiro and the arctic sea. Witness the battlefields of tomorrow as a bloody terrorist attack on a airport causes the invasion of the United States and the occupation of Washington D.C. Launch a nuclear attack on your own country to fight back the enemy hordes and reconquer the White House. Deal with treachery in your own lines and be the one victor to rewrite history. Confront all the bloodshed and survive the most intense battles, only a thin line away from your own downfall. See video page on Youtube.Don’t complain about spoilers! You have been warned.

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