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Solution for deleted Savegames in Gears of War

March 16th, 2008 in Games

If you’ve encountered the Gears of War bug, which deletes all savegames, this is a workaround, so you don’t have to replay the whole game from the beginning:
Go to folder \Gears of War\WarGame\Checkpoints\
Rename the checkpoint-file of the last played chapter (e.g. chapter21.sav) to chapter0.sav (don’t forget to backup). Use list below as a guide line for the numbers of the chapters. Within the game start a new campaign and it will start with the choosen chapter. Of course all cog tags are lost and weapons are reset to level defaults.

For future safety make a backup of the savegame-folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows Account> \Local Settings \Application Data \Microsoft \XLive \Content \Exxxxxxx \FFFE07D1 \00010000 \Exxxxxxxxxx_MountPt\
It’s only visible, if “show hidden files and folders” is activated.

numerical Gears of War chapter list

Act 1: ASHES
0 – Chapter 1: 14 Years After E-Day
1 – Chapter 2: Trial By Fire
2 – Chapter 3: Fish in a Barrel
3 – Chapter 4: Fork in the Road
4 – Chapter 5: Knock Knock
5 – Chapter 6: Hammer
6 – Chapter 7: Wrath
7 – Chapter 8: China Shop
8 – Chapter 1: Tick Tick Boom
9 – Chapter 2: Grist
10 – Chapter 3: Outpost
11 – Chapter 4: Lethal Dusk
12 – Chapter 5: Dark Labyrinth
13 – Chapter 6: Powder Keg
14 – Chapter 7: Burnt Rubber
15 – Chapter 8: Last Stand

16 – Chapter 1: Downpour
17 – Chapter 2: Evolution
18 – Chapter 3: Coalition Cargo
19 – Chapter 4: Darkest Before Dawn
20 – Chapter 5: Angry Titan
21 – Chapter 6: Tip of the Iceberg
22 – Chapter 1: Campus Grinder
23 – Chapter 2: Bad to Worse
24 – Chapter 3: Hazing
25 – Chapter 4: Close to Home
26 – Chapter 5: Imaginary Place
27 – Chapter 6: Entrenched
28 – Chapter 1: Impasse
29 – Chapter 2: Comedy of Errors
30 – Chapter 3: Window Shopping
31 – Chapter 4: Powers That Be
32 – Chapter 5: Jurassic Proportions
33 – Chapter 6: Special Delivery
34 – Chapter 7: Train Wreck
35 – Chapter 8: Pale Horse

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22 responses about “Solution for deleted Savegames in Gears of War”

  1. Viau said:

    Can this work for Xbox360???? I lost my savefile, and i was about to start act 2 on insane…. i cant find any help it sucks!

  2. mikra said:

    This works only for the PC-version.

  3. xbox360 games said:

    I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

  4. ShoukaT said:

    thanks man
    i too lost my save games….
    u made my day…
    thanks very much… 🙂

  5. Vlv said:

    Thanx man u made my day

  6. abubakar said:

    i could,nt able to solve my problem where is the the checkpoint directory in documents and setting. there is any easy way to solve the procedure is very complicated to me

  7. mikra said:

    The checkpoint directory is in the directory, where you installed the game (\Gears of War\WarGame\Checkpoints\).
    It’s quite simple, you just have to rename 2 files.

  8. Ds said:

    Thanks a MILLION ! 😀

  9. Gavatar said:

    You can always rely on MS for problems. Thanks for the solution!

  10. Jet said:

    Nice it worked! Thanks dude

  11. severous said:

    thaaaaanks mate it worked

  12. Michael said:

    I lost my save file, the checkpoints folder was empty but I downloaded a save file from I put chapter16.sav in the checkpoints folder and renamed it chapter0.sav and it still started me at the beginning of the game. I was on act 3 insane when this bug hit me. Any ideas?

  13. Michael said:

    Nevermind, I got it to resume from the beginning of act 3 but insane isn’t unlocked. Anyway to fix that?

  14. talha said:

    thanx man..u r a life saver…

  15. arastu said:

    dude plz help me it dosn’t works on my pc in win7

  16. arastu said:

    wht do u mean by backup

  17. debojit said:

    @ mikra, I created a offline profile and was able to save my game. But after completing ACT 1 when I clicked the continue campaign it said it found no saved checkpoint!!!! Then again I started a new game and playing sometimes I closed the game and then started again to check whether it can find my save file or not. Then it was able to find my savegame. But again completing ACT 1, showing that it could not found any savegame!!!

    I am too much depressed as I have progessed a lot and then found no save game. What is the problem? Can anyone tell me? plz plz help me

  18. debojit said:

    i am playing the game in WIN 7 !!

  19. DS Wick said:

    Thank you man! You a life saver.
    All that hard work to get to a new level and start all over, CRAZY. Thanks man for the help.

  20. Adis said:

    Thanks man, really helped!

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  22. saurabh said:

    WHAT TO DO ????????

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