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World in Conflict Screenshots

February 5th, 2008 in Games

World in Conflict ScreenshotsHere are some screenshots from within the single player campaign of Massive Entertainments World in Conflict. The focus was on showing the impressive, realistic explosions caused by the tactical aids, like especially the heavy artillery barrage, the precision artillery, the daisy cutter bomb (fuel air bomb), air strikes, laser guided bombs and finally the nuclear warheads in a quality, useable as desktop wallpapers.
But I also included a lot of impressive landscape panoramas and other warefare pictures, which show the potential of the masstech 3d-engine. Nearly all missions are included, like the sovjet invasion of Seattle and its liberation, the defense of Pine Valley and New York, the commando missions behind the enemy lines on russian territory, the nuclear destruction of Cascade Falls and the european battlegrounds in france. All pictures are in 1280 x 1024 resolution. A comprehensive game faq can be found here.
Edited game wallpapers, basing on painted artwork can be found on the massive entertainment website, also some unsorted screenshots and movies.

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